Robberies, including larceny and nonresidential burglaries, increased 5% nationwide in 2022, compared to 2021, according to a report from the Council on Criminal Justice. Vehicle theft also soared more than 20% year over year. With theft, such a pervasive problem, many homeowners and business owners are investing in enhanced security, including security cameras and lighting. But does security lighting help prevent robberies? Read on for everything to know about safeguarding your home, family, and livelihood with a comprehensive security system including lighting. 

What to Know About Home and Business Break-Ins

Surprisingly, most home break-ins occur during the day. However, most business robberies and break-ins take place at night. Moreover, break-ins tend to favor the summer months, rather than the winter months. However, irrespective of the time of day or month of the year, several factors increase the likelihood of a break-in:

If you want to deter a would-be burglar, keeping your home or office covered by security lighting and a camera system is a winning strategy. 

Types of Security Lighting

There are many options for keeping your home well-lit to deter a potential thief. Types of security lighting include:

  • Flood Lights
    Flood lights are a perennial favorite for homeowners, and today more options exist than ever. You may choose from halogen or LED floodlights. You may opt for solar-powered lights.  You may also choose between continuous, or motion-activated flood lights.
  • Motion-Activated Lighting
    Motion-activated lighting does not provide continuous coverage. Instead, the lights shine brightly when the motion sensor is activated. These types of lights can keep your electric bill low, but you’ll need to ensure strategic placement of the light to ensure that the motion sensors fully cover all access points to your home.  
  • Timed Lighting
    Timed exterior lighting is popular with business owners and homeowners alike. Timed lights provide an alternative to motion activation lighting. These lights turn on at the same time each day.  Timed lighting is generally a bit dimmer than floodlights.  
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting
    High-intensity discharge lights are ideal for businesses ranging from retail stores to warehouses.  These extremely bright lights illuminate large areas, such as parking structures, commercial buildings, etc. Occasionally they may be used in homes, but are a less popular choice for residential security lighting.  

Placement and Positioning of Security Lights are Key to Deterrence

Irrespective of the type of lighting you choose, it is crucial that the lights are properly placed to deter a burglar. To that end, security lighting should:

  • Cover all sides of the home or business
  • Illuminate all ground-floor windows
  • Shine on your driveway
  • Light all gates to your yard
  • Provide lighting near your shed or garage
  • Light dark areas near the property (shrubbery, etc.)
  • Illuminate commercial parking areas and business entrances and exits

Protecting Your Home or Office: Tips for Success

In addition to keeping your home or office well-lit, visible security cameras may reduce your risk of a break-in significantly. Other tips for keeping your home or business safe from robberies include:

  • Keep your doors and windows locked
    Most burglars enter through an unlocked door or window. Keeping your doors and windows locked is essential to prevent a break-in. 
  • Home or Business Alarm System
    A professionally installed alarm system is an excellent way to prevent a break-in.  
  • Good relationships with neighbors and nearby businesses
    Building good relationships with your neighbors or nearby businesses is smart so that you watch out for each other, and report any people looking around, or those who seem to be casing a house or business.  
  • Dog
    Even a small dog will alert you to an intruder by barking. Although small in stature, most burglars admit that they will skip a house with a noisy dog, for a house without a dog. Large dogs may provide even greater deterrence. 

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