Guarantee Your OLCC Permit

We know the industry inside and out, and can provide you with information you need to accurately protect your business. When you work with Federal Security, we ensure that you meet all security requirements to pass inspections. We even offer to assist you by being present during your final inspection. We specialize in designing security systems using state of the art technology specifically used for the cannabis industry. This is an industry that requires professional level equipment. The most common mistake that we see is clients buying consumer grade products that fail to meet OLCC permit compliance.

OLCC Permit


We are familiar with all of the local, state, and federal regulations and laws surrounding cannabis, from grow operations to labs and processing to retail. We focus on compliance and getting you ready for business. Help to ease the process of regulations and licensing by working with the best.


We help represent our OLCC client by being onsite during your critical inspections and make sure that you pass and receive your license. Many clients appreciate this support and guidance when OLCC inspects their property. We are available to offer support and answer any questions that may arise when working to obtain your OLCC permit.
OLCC Permit


We have worked with over 300 businesses in helping them receive their OLCC permit.

Built For You

From large grow operations to small dispensaries, we work with you to create a customized plan that fits your businesses needs.

All Encompassing

We are your one stop shop for video, alarm, and control system entry.

Compliance Guaranteed

We sell, install, and operate systems that will pass inspection the first time.

Together we can design a compliant security system to match your budget and needs.

Federal Security provides security services to the medical and recreational cannabis industry by administering systems that are always compliant. Rest assured that your assets are protected by top of the line cameras and alarm systems. Our systems are easy to use and operate, and allow you to access your security system from anywhere, at any time. Watch your employees interact with cash and product in real time.

We install our systems with efficiency and cost in mind. When we install our systems, we do it fast and right the first time. 


OLCC Permit
OLCC Permit

Federal Security has maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau for more than 20 years.

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