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If you have not taken the appropriate and proper security precautions, it may be time to look into alarm systems. Eugene and the surrounding areas are relatively safe places when compared to other cities in the country. It is important to protect your business from the threats of theft and crimes, no matter where you live. The chance of becoming involved in property crime in Eugene is 1 in 31. We install security systems that the Eugene Police will respond to.

Federal Security offers customizable packages to fit your alarm systems needs. Allow our security specialists to create an extensive security plan that goes above and beyond your expectations. The cameras that we install will zoom in on areas of concern.  We ensure the protection of your business, the employees, your products and property. When your business sets up alarm systems with Federal Security, we guarantee no false alarms. 


Alarm Systems

Access & Entry Point

Securely protect your business by implementing appropriate access security. By having a keypad or card scanner, you can monitor when and which employees enter your place of business. These control systems help to tighten up business operations and supervise activities. We also offer door monitoring.

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Alarm Systems Installation

Have you purchased a security alarm system and need help installing? Federal Security is happy to help! From ring door systems to sophisticated security systems, contact Federal Security to ensure proper installation and system benefits offered.

Motion Detection

Our motion detection is able to identify human-only activity, suspicious object detection as well as object missing detection. 

Federal Security is happy to offer a wide variety of security alarm systems to Western Oregon. With over 25 years of security experience, you can rest easy knowing that your business, products, and services are properly protected. If you are in need of a security system of your own, contact us today, we are happy to create a customized security plan for you.

Alarm Systems
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Alarm Systems

Federal Security has maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau for more than 20 years.

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