Fire Alarm Systems

Nothing matters more than keeping you, your family, and your livelihood protected. Federal Security’s fire prevention and management solutions ensure the protection of your valued assets. We specialize in fire alarm systems. By working with us, you are ensuring that fire compliance codes will be met. In addition, we help keep you safe by monitoring carbon monoxide levels.

While other security companies won’t send the fire department, Federal Security will. Whether you are in your home, or away, we send the fire department to protect your home.

Fire Alarm Systems

Rest Easily Knowing You And Your Belongings Are Protected

Federal Security offers 24-hour monitoring services of fire alarm systems. Our systems are equipped to alert your company representative, as well as the local fire department when there is an issue. We are the only security company in the area that has the ability to send the fire department when your alarm goes off.

We guarantee no false alarms.

Our systems are tested, trusted, and reliable. Having the proper detection and fire alarm systems are so important when the outcome of a detection failure often results in the loss of life and property.

Fire Alarm Systems

Types of Fire Security Systems

Federal Security’s team of specialists will survey your location and incorporate the appropriate fire alarm systems for your space. Our crew will provide your facility with the needed equipment and fire alarms. This includes:

  • Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • UL Central Stations
  • Sprinkler Monitors
  • Smoke Controls
  • Fire Alarm System Networks

Whether you are in need of an intricate system with fan and smoke controls, or simply a monitoring panel and fire sprinklers, trust Federal Security to keep you covered. We will come up with the appropriate plan and implement the design, installation, and inspections for your property. We have and maintain a great relationship with the local fire Marshalls who have authority having jurisdiction.

    Fire Alarm Systems
    Fire Alarm station
    Fire Alarm Systems

    Federal Security has maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau for more than 20 years.

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