Protecting your home or your business is your responsibility. Fortunately, advanced technology has made this burden much lighter. Today you have more options to choose from than ever when it comes to deterrence, surveillance, and protection. With so many products on the market, selecting your security products may seem overwhelming. To cut through the clutter, we have compiled this list of must-have features in security cameras for home and office protection.

Indoor or Outdoor Coverage

When buying security cameras for home and office, it’s important to make sure that the devices you select will work where they are needed. Indoor cameras are rarely weatherproof, so be sure you purchase a camera designed for the area it will cover.

Video (Picture) Resolution

In the event of a break-in, you’ll want to be able to provide high-resolution footage to law enforcement. As such, look for 1080 security cameras for home or work that offer 4K resolution.

Range of Coverage (Field of View)

Some cameras are only capable of recording activity in a small field of view. For example, the most popular doorbell cameras provide coverage of roughly 160 degrees. By contrast, mounted surveillance cameras may provide up to 360 degrees of monitoring capability.

Footage Storage

The footage recorded by surveillance cameras must “live” somewhere. Some live on local SD cards, while others store footage in the cloud. Local storage is generally more affordable, while cloud storage requires a monthly subscription fee. However, be sure to check with local security system installation companies. Some may include cloud storage with system installation.

Night Vision

Although most home invasions take place during the day, plenty occur at night. Conversely, most commercial business burglaries take place at night, after the business has closed. Either way, when selecting security cameras for home or office, it’s best to purchase cameras that feature night vision.

Wired, Wire-Free, or Wireless

When it comes to security cameras for home and work, your options are wired, wire-free, or wireless systems. A wireless system is easier to install as it records data over Wi-Fi. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t use wires. Most still need to be plugged into an AC power supply. Wire-free systems are the exception, relying on battery power. A wired system uses a recording device (traditional DVR, or a Network Video Recorder) that uses coaxial cables, and ethernet cables respectively. Be sure to pick the type of camera that works best for your needs.

Installation Requirements

Simple doorbell or nanny cams can be installed by anyone. However, if you’re putting together an entire security system, you will likely need to hire a professional to ensure that all components work as intended, communicate with other devices, and afford comprehensive surveillance coverage.

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