To secure your home and loved ones, a comprehensive, reliable, and effective security system is crucial. So, is motion detection necessary to secure your home? Not necessarily but adding motion detection does offer an added layer of security. Read on for a look at the pros and cons of motion-activated security cameras, lighting, and alarms for your property.

Motion Detection Provides Enhanced Intruder & Trespasser Detection 

Motion detection plays a pivotal role in detecting potential intruders. By strategically placing motion-activated sensors around your property, the system will detect unauthorized movement and trigger an alarm/and or lights. 

This immediate response is typically the only deterrent most intruders need to flee the scene. However, when you’re at home, it also alerts you to potential danger.  

Motion Activation Cameras May Help Law Enforcement

When your security system installation company integrates motion detection with camera surveillance you may also be helpful to law enforcement in identifying potential perpetrators.  Therefore, a robust security system that includes cameras, alarms, and motion sensors can provide enhanced safety and security for your loved ones, neighbors, community, and your property.

Motion Sensor Lights or Alarms Can Save Money

Instead of investing in flood lights, spotlights, and other outdoor lighting features that use more energy because they must remain turned on, motion activation lighting can save you money. By only turning on when someone is approaching, you can leave the lights off most of the time, only using energy when necessary.

Motion-Activated Lights Can Prevent Injury and Accidents

Motion-activated lights can be enormously helpful if you live in a less populated or rural area. Strategically placing the lights so that pathways, porches, or exterior doors are brightly lit when you need them can help prevent scrapes or falls that may result in serious injuries. 

Motion Activated Cameras and Lights Can Provide Peace of Mind

There’s a lot to be said for feeling safe and secure in your home, and home security systems that include motion detection can provide the security that gives you peace of mind. After all, if motion-activated lights, alarms, and alerts weren’t worth it, celebrities and high-profile government officials wouldn’t equip their homes and offices with such robust security features.

What About Family Pets?

Pets can activate alarms or lights, but technology has advanced to serve the nearly 89 million households with pets.  Modern security systems are available with pet-friendly settings that are capable of distinguishing between animals and humans. These settings can be programmed to recognize the size and weight of dogs, cats, and other household pets, so as not to alert when the family pet is on the move.  

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