The Ring camera system that so many have installed has provided social media users with endless, (and often funny) content, and law enforcement with assistance when it comes to crimes. But is a Ring camera system a good security camera? Read on for what to know about the benefits and shortcomings of installing a Ring camera system at your home.

What is a Ring Camera System?

Ring has grown from its popular doorbell camera to include Ring spotlight cameras, floodlight cameras, a stick-up camera, and an indoor camera, thanks to the company being bought by Amazon.

 All cameras include a two-way talk system, night vision, motion detection, a siren alarm, and live-view with 1080p HD video. They may be solar-powered, hard-wired, plugged into an outlet, or battery-powered

The Ring doorbell camera includes a doorbell, intercom, and camera in a small device roughly the size of a smartphone. The spotlight, floodlight, and stickup cameras from Ring rely on what is called a “motion zone.” This is the area that the camera is equipped to monitor.  You will define the zones for your property.  When motion is detected in the motion zone, the lights will come on and the camera will begin recording. 

Benefits and Downsides of Ring Security Cameras

The biggest benefit of opting for a Ring camera system is affordability.  Cameras are inexpensive, and you can easily scale up your system, including indoor cameras, stick-up cameras, floodlight cameras, etc. The system is designed to easily integrate with a Smart Home Hub. Each device also comes with a 12-month warranty. 

Unfortunately, Ring cameras have their share of shortcomings. You will need to pay a monthly subscription fee. The basic fee starts at just $3.99, but the price will increase if you opt for extra storage, or you add multiple devices to your plan. If you do not upgrade, and you run out of storage, the camera will record over old footage.

The audio also leaves a bit to be desired for many consumers, who report problems with the volume. Others report that it is muffled and can be difficult to decipher.

For consumers who are not tech-savvy, using a Ring camera system can prove challenging, particularly if you need to reset some of your motion zones, or add a new device. Keep in mind that Ring operates on Wi-Fi so if your signal is weak, or goes down, the devices will be rendered ineffective.    

The quality of footage you receive from a Ring system is also much lower resolution than a professionally installed 4K security camera

Ring cameras have also been subjected to numerous lawsuits due to hacking. The details of some of the allegations are disturbing. Other consumers find Ring’s partnerships with law enforcement agencies to be problematic.

Our Verdict: Ring Cameras Offer Basic Security

When it comes to protecting your home, Ring cameras, particularly when you couple a floodlight, spotlight, and doorbell camera provide more deterrence to would-be burglars than nothing. However, there are much better security camera systems available that will provide a greater range of surveillance, higher resolution, and more comprehensive coverage. Ring cameras are better suited to a home than a commercial property.

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