It may seem unbelievable, but predictive models suggest that 75% of homes nationwide will be broken into over the next 20 years. Interestingly, 75% of homes also don’t have a security system. Although Oregon is not among the states with the highest property crimes, break-ins happen statewide, regardless of the neighborhood. Installing security cameras and an alarm system is a great way to protect your possessions and your loved ones. But, there are other reasons to consider installing security cameras. Read on for seven benefits of installing indoor cameras.

Prevent False Alarms

No matter how careful you are, your pets, children, or partner may inadvertently trigger your alarm system. You can quickly and easily check your camera footage if you receive an alarm activation notification on your phone. Viewing your footage can prevent unnecessary responses from the police and save you the stress of driving home immediately.

Save Money on Insurance

Your homeowner’s policy is likely to offer a discount if you have security cameras installed in your home. The savings you may reap from installing cameras can offset the installation cost.

Check on Children and Pets

Indoor cameras allow you to watch your children at home, no matter where you are. Or, if you begin missing your furry family member while at work, you can check on them by viewing the footage on your phone or other mobile devices.

Keep an Eye on Visitors

You certainly don’t expect someone who comes to your home to damage your property. Nor do you expect someone tasked with caring for your children in your absence to hurt them. Unfortunately, both of these scenarios are all too common. Indoor cameras (including “nanny cams”) can give you peace of mind knowing that your children are safe. For parents with multiple children, video footage can often provide indisputable proof of who is responsible for a broken heirloom, vase, etc.

File Accurate Insurance Claims

Indoor cameras help you remember items lost or damaged due to a break-in or natural disaster. Viewing the footage recorded by your cameras may help you remember jewelry or other items stolen during a home invasion. If you’ve experienced a flood that damaged floors or furniture, you’ll also have documentation to present when you file your insurance claims.

Aid Authorities

The footage recorded by your indoor cameras may help the authorities identify and apprehend the burglar quickly. Your footage may prevent neighbors and others from being victimized by the same thief.

Deter Criminals

The number one reason to install indoor and outdoor cameras is to deter criminals. Studies suggest that burglars will avoid homes with visible security cameras. Although the footage from cameras can help authorities to catch the burglar, preventing the crime is always preferable.

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