There is no question that security cameras help deter would-be criminals from illegally entering your home or business. But choosing the right security camera system deserves careful consideration. Here’s a look at four reasons so many business owners and homeowners opt for a wired security camera system instead of a wireless surveillance camera system.

1. A Wired Security Camera System is More Reliable

Wired security camera systems are inherently more reliable than wireless systems. Wireless or wire-free (battery-powered) security cameras are at the mercy of Wi-Fi signals. By contrast, a wired system uses a cable and a power source.

2. Enhanced Privacy and Security

Unfortunately, wireless cameras can be remotely hacked. Although a wired security camera system can also be hacked, the hack would have to come from inside the property. A disgruntled employee could theoretically hack the system, but because wired systems can be run locally rather than over the internet, your risk of having your system hacked is mitigated. 

3. Wired Cameras Can Protect Large Properties

A wired security camera system is generally best for large residential and commercial properties that require more than four cameras. The reason? With each additional camera, you add to a wireless system, you add strain to the Wi-Fi. This can lead to diminished quality, and outages as the Wi-Fi bandwidth is strained. With a wired system, you can continually add cameras without compromising the quality of the coverage. 

4. Typically Less Expensive than Wireless Cameras

Wired surveillance cameras are often less expensive than wireless systems. You can scale up your coverage more cost-effectively as well. You also do not have to pay a monthly cloud storage fee, or a subscription fee, as you do with a cloud-based Wi-Fi camera system. 

What Are the Downsides of a Wired Security Camera System?

The biggest drawback to a wired system is the plethora of cords and cables you’ll have to run to connect the system. This can require many holes in walls or the exterior of your home or office. However, a professional security camera installation company will minimize the damage to the structure and streamline the cables and cords so that you don’t have a big, unorganized mess of wires. Moreover, they can help you hide outdoor cables, so they are not easily identifiable by an intruder looking to cut surveillance coverage.

Of course, this means that installing a wired security camera system generally takes longer than installing a wireless system. A third potential drawback of a wired system is that without a backup power source, they are vulnerable to power outages. 

Before you purchase a security system for your home or business, it’s best to have an expert provide you with recommendations for the products that will best address your security concerns. Because each home or business is unique, it’s best to work with a company that will provide a customized plan tailored to your property. 

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