Oregon has the 7th highest property crime rate in the U.S, with larceny-theft accounting for 73% of these crimes. If you’re amongst the 32% of Oregonians concerned with property crime, it’s time to consider an in home security camera system. Here’s what to know about security cameras for your home, including the best spots to put in home security cameras.

What to Know About Indoor Security Cameras

As a single unit or part of a larger security system that surveils both the inside and outside of your home, indoor security cameras can give you peace of mind. Indoor security cameras are available as wireless or wired systems. Wireless systems are often preferred for existing homes, as they don’t require you to cut into the wall to hide wires. However, if you’re in the process of building a new home, you may prefer a wired system, which can be installed before the drywall is erected. Whether you choose a wired or wireless system, select 4k 1080i cameras for the greatest resolution and clarity.

Where to Put In Home Security Cameras

There’s no right or wrong place to put your in home security cameras. But certain locations may provide you with better camera coverage.

Main Bedroom

Burglars target the main bedroom most frequently. From hidden cash to jewelry to watches, expensive handbags, and even important paperwork, thieves know they often strike gold in the bedroom. Positioning a camera in the main bedroom can make it easier for you to identify items that have been stolen. This can make it easier to report losses on your insurance claims.

Main Doors

Unbelievably, most burglars attempt to enter homes through the front door first. So, it’s smart to not only have strong locks but to have security cameras positioned near the front door. The back door is also a common entry point for home invaders, so it is best to have in home security cameras positioned to surveil the back entrance. Be sure to position a camera to cover any sliding doors as well.

Windows on the First Floor

When thieves are unsuccessful with the front or the back door, they move on to windows. Well-positioned cameras can often cover both a front door and the first-floor windows or a back door and the first-floor windows facing the back of your house.


Once a home invader has gotten into your home, they will often make a beeline for the main bedroom. So, it’s smart to have in home security camera coverage of your hallway leading to the bedroom.

Do I Need Security Cameras for Children’s Rooms?

It may seem counterintuitive, but you don’t necessarily need in home security cameras in your child’s bedroom if they are young. Most burglars know there are not often valuable items in kids’ rooms, so they skip them. However, for tweens and teens who have expensive computers or videogame consoles, consider adding a security camera. You may also want to consider a visible outdoor camera near any windows that open into a child’s room. Visible exterior cameras are often a powerful deterrent.

In Home Security Camera System Installation in Oregon

If you’re ready to learn more about security camera installation inside your home, outside your home, or both, Federal Security can help. As a longstanding, locally owned, and operated Oregon business, we have installed, repaired, and maintained security camera systems for residences and businesses for more than 25 years. For a free estimate, call 541-757-8153, or request an estimate online.