There is no denying the fact that business security systems reduce your risk of burglary or theft from both employees and non-employees. So what exactly should be included in a robust security system for your company? Read on to learn about the main features of effective business security systems.

1. The Best Business Security Systems Include Plenty of Cameras

Security cameras, also known as surveillance cameras or CCTV cameras, are a leading deterrent when it comes to deterring would-be burglars. Studies conclude that the visible presence of surveillance cameras reduces your risk of burglaries and property theft significantly.  

As a business owner, it is natural to want to protect your business from outside threats, but security cameras inside your place of business can also reduce your likelihood of employee theft via inventory theft, data theft, payroll theft, cash theft, or theft of services. 

2. A Business Security System Should Include Multiple Alarms

Commercial security alarms are a must-have for all businesses, irrespective of size. Although a standard alarm is better than nothing, the peace of mind that comes from installing an alarm system capable of notifying local law enforcement is a better option for enhanced security. 

3. Controlled Access & Entry Point

Controlling access to your business with an access system is an effective way to keep people out of your business who do not belong. Likewise, sensitive areas within your business should be restricted to authorized personnel only to prevent employee theft. Keypad entry or card scanner access security systems are a must-have for businesses in Oregon.

4. Motion Detection

Motion detection in the forms of motion-activated alarms, motion-activated cameras, and motion-activated lighting are essential features in comprehensive security systems. Being alerted to unusual activity, particularly after hours, allows you to notify law enforcement, potentially preventing a burglary. 

5. Heat Sensors and Fire Security Systems

Fires cost business owners more than $4 Billion in damages each year.  Using a variety of sensors, including smoke and heat sensors, an effective fire alarm system should also be capable of notifying the local fire department (in addition to your company representative) at the first sign of a problem. 

6. Integration, Monitoring & Storage

You may not realize it, but the integration of your features, along with the monitoring, cloud storage, and maintenance is one of the most overlooked features in effective business security systems.

Yet, without an experienced, reliable security partner overseeing the entire security network, the individual features will not provide the full security capabilities your business needs. Likewise, without ample storage for camera footage, any footage of a crime committed against your business may be lost.

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