Last year a whopping 210 million packages were stolen from U.S. residents by porch pirates. The term porch pirate is defined as a person who unlawfully enters the property to steal recently delivered packages. Victims are both homeowners, and those who reside in apartment buildings, condo villages, and townhouse house communities.  Indeed, more than two-thirds of Americans were victims of package theft in 2021. So what can you do to ensure your packages aren’t stolen? Read on for 9 tips for keeping your deliveries safe from porch pirates.

1. Track Your Packages

Most online orders include a tracking number. Oftentimes, you will receive the tracking number when the order is shipped. Be sure to click on the tracking number to find the delivery service (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.). You will be able to follow your package’s journey, and in most cases, sign up for text notifications when your package is delivered. That way you can retrieve it immediately.

2. Deter Porch Pirates with Doorbell Cameras

Doorbell cameras are inexpensive and easy to use. They can be easily programmed to notify you in real-time when a package is delivered.  More broadly, homes with doorbell cameras or visible security cameras often deter porch pirates in the first place. Most thieves opt to steal from a home that is not visibly protected by security cameras and systems.

3. Use a Storage Locker

In many geographic regions, Amazon storage lockers are available. They may be in convenience stores, pharmacies, etc. You can opt to have your package delivered to a storage locker, and go pick it up, to prevent theft by porch pirates.

4. Choose Signature on Delivery Options

You may be able to require a signature for packages to be delivered. This will prevent the delivery driver from leaving the package on your porch without obtaining your signature. The drawback of this option is that if you’re not home on multiple occasions when the delivery driver attempts to deliver the item, the item may be returned.

5. Invest in Home Surveillance Systems

Research has shown that more than 8/10 burglars look for security cameras before selecting a home to target. By investing in a visible home security camera system, you will encourage thieves to skip your house when they are targeting homes. 

6. Ship Items to Your Office

Some shoppers ship items to their place of employment to safeguard packages from porch pirates. If your company allows you to do this, it may be an easy way to prevent theft. However, keep in mind that extended delivery hours during the holidays may mean that a driver attempts to deliver a package after the office is closed for the night, or on the weekends.

7. Invest in Security Cameras for Your Investment or Commercial Complex

Just as video surveillance helps protect homes from targeting by thieves, it also protects apartment, condo, townhouse, and mixed-use properties from package theft. If your investment, rental, or commercial property is lacking in visible security cameras, your residents are at greater risk of being targeted by porch pirates.

8. Install a Package Delivery Box

Package delivery boxes can also prevent porch thieves from making off with your items. However, you will need to ensure your delivery driver has the code or the key to be able to open the box. Some homeowners may not like the look of a rather large box on the porch. The box may also not be big enough to accommodate all shipments. 

9. Make Friends with Neighbors

Learn which neighbors are home when you’re not and see if they will retrieve packages for you. That way, when you’re notified of a delivery, you can ask your neighbor to get the package and keep it safe for you until you can retrieve it. If you’re not able to reciprocate, show them your thanks in other ways. You may consider buying them a gift card to a local restaurant, offering to rake their leaves, baking them treats, etc. 

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